Pellet Partner

pelletpartnerresizedPellet Partner is a pellet binder that is organic in nature, which contributes energy to your feed, unlike clay-based binders. Pellet Partner also offers you a cost reduction because dehydration costs are eliminated.

Moisture and temperature addition from stream is very costly when using a dry binder. Because Pellet Partner is a liquid binder, it helps transfer heat uniformly throughout the mash.

Pellet Partner Benefits +

Easy to handle; no bags.
Improves die life due to lubricating properties.
Helps reduce total energy cost to pellet.
Helps to improve pellet durability.
Acts fast; does not have to absorb moisture to activate.
Saves you money by reducing valuable inventory time and space.
Can be added at conditioner to keep elevators and mixers clean.

Directions for Use +

For use as a pelleting aid in rations for all classes of livestock. Mix Pellet Partner with other feed ingredients prior to steam conditioning in the pelleting process. Level can be varied to achieve desired results in terms of rate of production and pellet durability.