E-Z Glo

EZ-GloE-Z Glo Feed Mill Products are high energy liquid feed ingredients designed for the manufacturer who produces textured feeds. E-Z Glo has been developed to give textured feed a golden color, moist texture, and sweet aroma, and to reduce mold problems. E-Z Glo

E-Z Glo flows and mixes better than cane molasses in meal and textured feeds. It provides a sweet, natural aroma unlike many low cost blends. E-Z Glo is more readily absorbed into meal-type feeds, reducing bulk bin hang-up and caking problems in bags. E-Z Glo reduces molasses/feed build up on equipment, and any build up that does occur is easier to clean. This can help reduce clean up and maintenance costs. E-Z Glo coats textured feeds more evenly than cane molasses or blends to give feed a consistent appearance with fewer dry areas and fines.

E-Z Glo is flexible. You may choose from a variety of preservation and mold inhibition packs, depending on climatic conditions, shelf life requirements and/or grain condition.

Physical Properties +

  • Density: Approximately 10.8 lbs./gallon
  • pH: 4.0 – 4.3
  • Specific gravity: 1.3 Viscosity At 70oF typical viscosities will average between 1,000 and 8,000 cps, but a range of 500 to 10,000 cps at this temperature is acceptable. Viscosities will typically increase over time and as temperature varies.
  • Storage Temp. 40oF to 90oF - Product Temperature MUST NOT exceed 100oF
  • Shelf Life Twelve (12) weeks from date of receipt

Storage and Handling Characteristics +
E-Z Glo cold weather formulas, such as E-Z Glo 5-68 Feed Mill Products, are designed for systems that are not equipped to heat molasses in cold weather. Never heat E-Z Glo cold weather formulas. Follow these specific recommendations to guarantee pumpability of E-Z Glo at 40oF and below:

Pump and Piping:

  • Positive displacement pump with minimum 2 in. capacity, 3 in. minimum suction line, and 2 in. minimum discharge line. Avoid 90-degree turns.
  • If product temperature is expected to go below 40oF, user should insulate the suction line.
  • If product temperature is expected to drop to 0oF, user should insulate both suction and discharge lines.

Preferably a vertical tank with access available and built to handle 1.33 specific gravity product.

The storage tank must be thoroughly cleaned prior to receipt of first load of E-Z Glo, and subsequently used for E-Z Glo storage only. Adulteration with other products will invalidate any expressed or implied warranties. Do not heat E-Z Glo cold weather formulas. Disengage any heating mechanisms. Heating E-Z Glo cold weather formulas will result in handling difficulties and invalidate any expressed or implied warranties. Do not store E-Z Glo product in mold-contaminated tanks. Storage in a mold-contaminated tank will reduce the effectiveness of the product. If mold problems have been experienced previously, we recommend sending tank samples (both storage and surge tanks) to a laboratory for mold and yeast counts prior to receipt of E-Z Glo. The storage tanks should be equipped to recirculate or mix the product to insure E-Z Glo stocks are rotated. Failure to recirculate or mix E-Z Glo liquid will result in a portion of the product exceeding the shelf life and handling difficulties will result.

For typical nutrient analysis for a specific E-Z Glo product, see that product's nutrient profile.

To the Dedicated Horse Owner +
When choosing a sweet feed for your horses, here are a few things to ask yourself…

• Does it have a moist,
crawly look?
• Is it sticky in summer but
doesn't set up like a brick in winter?
• Does it have a golden color?
• Is it tasty to your horse?
• Is it free of mold problems in the summer?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, your supplier is probably using E-Z Glo Feed Mill products from Westway.

If you are having any problems with any of the above, let your supplier know that they should use E-Z Glo in their sweet feed mix to keep you -- and your horses -- happy!

E-Z Glo