E-Z Flo

Ez-FloE-Z Flo Feed Mill Products perform better than other molasses-type products, even in cold weather conditions because they do not require special handling or storage. E-Z Flo contains special ingredients that allow it to flow at low temperatures without applying heat or diluting with water. E-Z Flo improves the palatability and appearance of finished feeds and helps keep feedmills working more efficiently in cold weather. E-Z Flo is also available with E-Z Guard Preservative for improved mold control.

E-Z Flo flows and mixes better than cane molasses in meal and textured feeds. It provides a sweet, natural aroma unlike many low cost blends. It is more readily absorbed on meal type feeds which reduce bulk bin hang-up and caking problems in bags. E-Z Flo reduces molasses/feed build up on equipment, and any build up that does occur is easier to clean. This can help reduce clean up and maintenance costs. E-Z Flo coats textured feeds more evenly than cane molasses or blends to give feed a consistent appearance with fewer dry areas and fines.

Handling Characteristics +

The viscosity of E-Z Flo Feed Mill Products is significantly lower than other molasses-type products. At low temperatures cane molasses requires special handling including heat to keep it flowing. Other replacement products like 80/20 cane/whey or 8% natural protein products are also difficult to pump at low temperatures and require heat to flow. E-Z Flo 62 continues to flow freely at 0oF.

E-Z Flo 70 is designed for summer conditions or where low temperatures are not involved.

E-Z Flo