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What Is Pro-Lix? +
Pro-Lix is a liquid, molasses based feed supplement that contains the protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals that pasture grass and forage can’t always provide. Pro-Lix products are homogeneous, uniform mixtures that maintain stability and feature long shelf life. They’re an affordable, convenient way to make sure your cattle’s nutritional requirements are met.
How Does It Work? +
Each Pro-Lix formula contains protein, phosphorus, potassium, necessary vitamins, and many more nutrients essential to animal nutrition. The key, though, is palatability. Cattle are attracted to the molasses in Pro-Lix, so they’ll come back to it throughout the day-enough to satisfy their needs, but not enough to overeat. As long as proper feeding and management practices are followed, over eating is unlikely to occur.

The ingredients in Pro-Lix have a number of important nutritional benefits. By stimulating micro-organisms in the rumen, they can boost appetite, feed intake and feed utilization.

How Do I Feed Pro-Lix? +
Pro-Lix gives you a number of feeding options. You can choose any one of them with confidence. Pro-Lix may be fed

(1) as a free-choice supplement in lickwheel feeders,
(2) as a top dressing on the roughage or grain portion of the diet, or
(3) as an ingredient to be mixed in with all-in-one ration or concentrates.

Regardless of how you use it, Pro-Lix greatly improves the value of ordinary feed.

Is Pro-Lix Safe? +
University tests in which cattle consumed twice the recommended amount of Pro-Lix showed no adverse effects in animal health or milk production. Again, proper feeding and management practices are extremely important-to ensure safety, read the label.
When Is the Best Time to Feed Pro-Lix? +
There’s definitely not a bad time. Since the nutrients in grass are only adequate about 60 days a year, a good supplement is absolutely necessary to get top performance out of your cattle .Pro-Lix is ideal when grass is at its weakest, but year-round use can mean better health and increased production overall.
Can Pro-Lix Be Fed to Both Beef and Dairy Cattle? +
Yes. Pro-Lix can help brood cows wean more and heavier calves, while steers and heifers will come through winter with bigger, more mature frames, so they can really take advantage of summertime forage. Besides the extra weight, beef operators can see improved health and appearance, and a big dollar difference at sale time.

For lactating cows, the nitrogen content of Pro-Lix means plenty of protein available for milk production and growth.

For replacement heifers, Pro-Lix means faster maturity, and assurance that they’ll get to the milking herd on time. If you trust your heifers to forage alone, they might not make it. Finally, for dry cows, Pro-Lix can help maintain their health while preparing them for the next lactation.

How Do Pro-Lix Products Differ From Each Other? +
Pro-Lix is our basic formula, complete with protein, phosphorus, potassium, necessary vitamins, and trace minerals. Pro-Lix Plus is fortified with fat.
How Does Pro-Lix Pay? +
Consider the convenience first: Pro-Lix eliminates the time and labor consuming chore of hand feeding grain rations, and greatly reduces the amount of waste, letting you maximize the value of your forage. The production and nutritional benefits combine to make Pro-Lix a very good investment.
What Other Benefits Can I Expect From Pro-Lix? +
Just call us. We will connect you with one of our professional sales representatives to help design a supplement program to fit your needs.