About Westway Feed Products

For people that value working with a company that is committed to helping them succeed, Westway Feed Products is the global supplier of agricultural-based liquid solutions with the resources, service, technical support and collaborative culture to understand and meet their needs through products and solutions that help them thrive, not just survive.

Liquid Feed Supplements +
Westway offers Free-Choice and Custom liquid supplements to bridge the gap between the nutrients provided by forages and the animal’s requirements for optimum production.
Liquid Feed Mill Products +
Can help improve the palatability and appearance of finished feed, helps reduce mold problems and equipment clean up, can improve shelf-life.
Liquid Pellet Binder +
Easy to handle, no bags, can be added at the conditioner, improves die life, helps reduce energy costs, can improve pellet durability.
Dried Molasses +
Dehydrated molasses for Feed Mill production, small block manufacturing and on farm applications.
Feed Supplement Tubs +
Solid Feed Supplements available in a variety of formulations to aid in supplementing nutrient deficiencies in fed forages.