Science & Research

Westway Feed Products has an “in house” laboratory at our Houston manufacturing plant. Work done in this lab is used to monitor the quality of the products we produce and develop the technology we use in the production of our products. This, combined with sponsored university efforts and field demonstrations with our customers, enables us to develop and test ingredients and products.

Through the years, Westway Feed Products has developed proprietary technology relating to production methods and benefits of use of our products. Westway has received an industry leading 8 U.S. patents in the last 20 years. These beneficial features have been utilized in dairies, feedyards, feed milling operations and ranches all across the U.S. and in other countries.

Our research is ongoing and we continue to innovate by developing new products while always seeking ways to improve our current products.

At Westway, our approach to developing new products is simple. We believe in the science of nutrition and it is our primary goal to create products proven to work. We are continually on the lookout for new information coming from a variety of places, including university research, customer driven topics and industry trends.

Ultimately, we are livestock people using our scientific minds to conduct / interpret and implement research to develop the nutrition solutions for your herds, livestock and pets.